Orchid island Nha Trang or Hoa Lan island is located on the Hon Heo peninsula, about 20 km from Nha Trang city center. 

Orchid island Nha Trang

With beautiful landscapes, hundreds of orchids, many wild animals and countless fascinating games. This article will help you discover the road to HoaLan Island Nha Trang and the highlights only available here that visitors should not ignore.

Road to Orchid island Nha Trang

Full convergence of sea, streams, forests, waterfalls, nature here is in harmony with many types of orchids, bee butterflies, landscapes and wild animals. So, this is one of the famous tourist spots of Nha Trang. You can come to HoaLan Island resort with the following roads:

Visiting Hoa Lan Island Nha Trang by motorbike. With this form you can go by two different paths.

  • The first way is National Highway 1A. You follow the road 2/4 through the Ru Ri Pass, through Luong Son Market and run about 5 km more, you will see the Long Phu tourist pier.
  • The second way is the sea supply. With a side of a cliff, one side is a sea. The sun and wind, boats and the scenery of the sky and sky are very romantic. This way helps you breathe fresh air and it is very comfortable.

In addition to traveling by motorbike on the two roads to reach Orchid island resort, visitors can take a bus or taxi to Long Phu Pier to purchase train tickets in the easiest way. The ticket price at Hoa Lan Island is 140.000 VND, departing from 9:00 to 9:30 daily. On holidays, trains may increase more.

5 reasons to visit Orchid island

Nice beach and attractive recreational sports on the sea

Hoa Lan resort

The sea is calm, the waves are gentle, the emerald green water, the sand is stretched with a semi circle curve. What’s more a lot of sports entertainment on the sea such as flying parachutes, water motorbikes, kayaking is always provided with various and quality.

Nature favors flowers, especially orchids

orchids in Hoa Lan Island Resort Nha Trang

Hoa Lan Island resort in Nha Trang has up to 100 kinds of orchids and dozens of other kinds of rich flowers. Nature is inherently fresh, harmonious mountains, rivers and waterfalls exist all over the place, adding lush flowers. Those who love flowers, this is the place to enjoy the best flowers. The noise of the city will be left aside to return the poetic space like in paradise.

Equally attractive is the butterfly garden with about 20 species and over 1,000 butterfly species creating a colorful and colorful paradise. All ages, all domestic and foreign tourists seem to be attracted and immersed in the fairyland scene between this butterfly and flowers.

Explore the unique Disneyland park

This is also interesting place for you to discover. Many animals and objects are made from unique materials such as car wheels, plastic bottles … poetic and romantic Nghinh Xuan lake. You can visit the deer star garden, riding ostrich … extremely excited.

Beautiful streams

Orchid island stream

In Hoa Lan island, there are 3 waterfall streams from the flowing white water. The more you climb, the more you feel the grandeur of nature. Water flowing along the island’s body nourishes all life and then flows through small streams and into large seas. This is the place to organize a picnic, breathe the “clean” atmosphere from nature. Take a deep breath of air into the inside of the lungs, breathing softly all the troubles and troubles of life as dissipated.

A place of interesting games

Shooting paint, flying airplanes, jet-skying, kayaking … Enjoying the lightness and peace, you can enjoy beautiful scenes like fairy tales and dynamic and modern sports games … Only one days but you can enjoy a full range of different emotions right on the island of Hoa Lan island.

Orchids island Nha Trang is no stranger to tourists coming to Nha Trang. You can skip a few other islands, but Heo Island with the beautiful nature and professional support of this human hand should visit. This is the paradise of humanity, the fairy between real life. Here all the worries of life will temporarily settle down to give you a feeling of excitement and delight.

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