Tri Nguyen Aquarium Nha Trang is situated on Bong Nguyen Island, also called Hon Mieu Island, is an attactive destination for inbound and oubound by the world of extremely rich marine animals and plants. Along with Kha Tran discovers this spot to see how to get there, what to see and experience of visiting it.

Tri Nguyen Aquarium Nha Trang – Miniature seabed model

Tri Nguyen aquarium

Discover Tri Nguyen Aquarium with many interesting experiences. This is one of the places that no one can overlooks when travelling to Nha Trang.

Where is Tri Nguyen Aquarium?

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is located at the South of Nha Trang City, It is about 2 km from Nha Trang Seaport. Tri Nguyen Aquarium is located on Tri Nguyen Island and is a miniature model of the sea in Khanh Hoa. In Tri Nguyen Aquarium, you can explore a variety of marine creatures from animals to plants: Sharks, corals, sea turtles, corals,… thousands of individuals make up the beauty of this Aquarium.

How to get there?

From Nha Trang city,  go to Cau Da wharf to rent canoes / boats to Tri Nguyen Aquarium. It takes about 15 mins by boat to get there. At Cau Da port, there are many boats / canoes that take you to Hon Mieu Island with the price from 150.000 dongs / person or hire a high speed boat with the following price:  

– Canoe 8 seats: 500k  

– Cano with 12 seats: 600.000 dongs  

– Cano 16 seats: 700.000 dongs –

Cano with 20 seats: 750.000 dongs

– Cano 24 seats: 800.000 dongs

Best time to visit

Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Just avoid the October to the December (lunar month) because this is the rainy season. For the rest of the year, you can explore this miniature sea model with many different experiences and emotions. In the tourist season you even have to queue to wait your turn to visit Tri Nguyen aquarium.

History of Tri Nguyen aquarium

The former name of Tri Nguyen Aquarium is Ho Tri Nguyen (Tri Nguyen Lake), built in 1971 by the idea of Mr. Le Can, a local fisherman. For his love of nature, he donated his own money to hire people to build dams to block the sea.

With the lenght of 160m, the width of 30m , the lake consists of three distinct sections for carnivorous fish, ornamental fish and fish for food.

To create the oceanic environment for the lake, Mr. Le Can has an idea of ​​an un-sealed stone revetment so that sea water can easily pour into and escape from the lake. Here, he raised many marine creatures, created a lively museum about marine life of ​​Nha Trang  attracting the attention of both locals and tourists.

Realizing the potential of this lake, in 1994, the local authority of Khanh Hoa province decided to invest ten billion dong in Tri Nguyen Lake so as to
to build Tri Nguyen Aquarium according to the unique design of an ancient ship. In 1997, the construction of Tri Nguyen Aquarium was completed, and it was under the management of Khanh Hoa Tourism Company.

Highlight of Tri Nguyen Aquarium

The most unique feature of Tri Nguyen Aquarium is a giant fish tank built in the model of an ancient fossil ship with a length of 60 meters and a height of 30 meters, including different floors:

• The ground floor is home to thousands of diverse marine creatures for tourists to visit.
• The second floor is a place to sell souvenirs and display many items.
• The 3rd floor is a seafood restaurant with dozens of fresh, bold and charming dishes.

Additionally, there is a cannon and masts on the deck from which you to admire the panoramic beauty of Nha Trang beach from above.

In addition to this model, Tri Nguyen Aquarium also built an outdoor lake surrounded by coral systems. In the lake are familiar fish such as mackerel, tuna, stingrays. In particular, hiding around coral caves and natural lobsters weighing up to 3kg and giant squid.

Besides that, Tri Nguyen Aquarium also has many small scenes with giant statues of mushrooms, crabs and shrimp help surrounding area more vividly.

Surrounding area

Bai Soi beach

500 meters walk from Tri Nguyen Aquarium will take you to Bai Soi Beach, an interesting place that you should not miss when visiting the Nguyen Aquarium. As the name of this beach is formed by hundreds of small pebbles, stretching to the edge of the water. This is an ideal place for you to go camping overnight, picnic, team-building and enjoy barbecue parties with friends. Besides, you can explore the seabed with colorful fish and coral reefs by taking diving tour at Bai Soi Beach. Surely, it will bring you interesting experiences.

Fishing village

Coming to Tri Nguyen Aquarium, you should walk around the fishing village to discover the daily life of fishermen here. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to watch the folk music performance of local people as well as take part in the interesting traditional games there.

Wandering around the village, you will find some restaurants and food stalls serving local specialties. The ingredients of these dishes are seafood that are newly caught in the local and offshore water. Enjoying the fresh seafood is enjoying the full flavor of Nha Trang ocean, with the mouth-watering dishes made of squid, shrimp, tuna, crab, lobster, mackerel and so on. The tasty flavor of these dishes for sure will leave you with a long-lasting impression.


Tri Nguyen aquarium Nha Trang is always attractive inbound and outbound, so come here to have memorable experiences. Don’t forget to keep in notes our useful above information.

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