Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang, one of the destination have been praised by tourists recent years. Where heaven touches the land, unspoiled places but no less poetic. So, Is Ninh Van Bay as beautiful as rumors? Let’s  look through our article to see what is there special here, how to get there as well as experience of travelling to this spot.

How to transfer from Nha Trang to Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang?

Previously, you could only reach here by boat, canoe … But now the seaway is widening across Hon Heo, helping tourists come to Ninh Van Bay more easily. You can go by road as follows:
From Nha Trang, follow DT651 to Highway 1A to Ninh Hoa town. Then turn right at Highway 26B and continue straight to the end of provincial road 625D. Crossing this road, you will reach to Ninh Phuoc and Ninh Tinh communes and come to Ninh Van. On the way, you can also admire the beautiful scenery that nature bestowed on Khanh Hoa. The scenery is constantly changing and fresh and spacious. Dropping your soul along the breeze, clouds, sky, water and green, all the noise of the city and the everyday life suddenly disappear …

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The poetic beauty of Ninh Van Bay Vietnam

Ninh Van bay Vietnam – poetic scenery

Ninh Van Bay is right in the middle of Nha Phu Bay and Nha Trang Bay. There are only clouds in the sky, blue sea and sunshine, white sand. Pure nature is almost absolute. Whether an artificial landscape from human hands like a luxury resort is also designed in harmony with nature. The resorts are designed mostly of wood, environmentally friendly and bring the most comfortable feeling.

Welcoming the morning dawn shining on the clear water. Seeing the peaceful sunset in the afternoon, the wind blowing peacefully and immersed in the starry night sky without being overshadowed by the electric lights of the city. Ninh Van Bay brings people to nature, closes to nature and removes the chaos of life in the best way. It is really as  beautiful as rumors, you should go so that your life can sometimes “How to stop worrying and start living, and  “enjoy”.

The beach here is pristine and untouched with clear water looking down to the bottom of the sea. You can bathe and relax, admire the scenery at Chuong beach, Bang beach, Be beach, Nho beach … Camping campsite instead of renting a hotel or guest house to watch the night sea with starry sky is also very much loved prefer.

The best time to visit 

A voman hiking on Ninh Van bay Nha Trang, Vietnam

Arriving at Ninh Van Bay on beautiful days of summer and autumn, from June to September is the most beautiful. This time, heaven and earth like blending together, fanciful scenery, beautiful ecstatic. Moreover, seafood in Ninh Van Bay is also richest and most delicious. This is the time when heaven and earth harmonize and bring the most natural flavor to serve tourists.

Cuisine at Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang

“Bún chả” – the most delicious

Nha Trang vermicelli noodles, fish ball soup cakes, steamed squid are typical dishes with bold character of Ninh Van people. The price is quite cheap, delicious food, bold, tasteful flavor. In Ninh Van Bay, everything is cheap, everything is delicious. Coming here, you should spend at least a full day to see the sunrise, admire the sunset and enjoy the food, watching scenery in the  most way.

Games at Ninh Van Bay beach

Diving to watch coral reefs – favorite action of visitors

Ninh Van Bay is a new place, so it has not been much created by human hands. The wild and poetic natural landscape, the sports games at sea are still undeveloped. However, the most prominent feature here is diving and watching coral or surfing… Fishing on a basket boat is also one of the highlights.

Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang is a place where people find their way to nature. They are not much entertainment services by other places. But compared to the natural landscape, there is no island that can match. Not too crowded, beautiful nature and moderate tourism services, enough to serve tourists visiting and staying here.

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