Nha Phu bay is famous for its serene scenery, calm nature, albatross wings and seafood paradise. Coming to Nha Trang without experiencing this spotlight with beautiful nature, delicious seafood and many famous islands here is too regretful. Join us to explore this place to get more information about this beautiful bay. 

Nha Phu bay overview

Nha Phu Bay – The best seafood paradise in Nha Trang

Nha Phu Bay – Nha Trang used to be named “Nhá Phú” – It means abundant seafood in Cham language. When Vietnamese people reclaimed and lived a long life, over time local people called “Nha Phu”. True to the name given by the local people, Mother Nature and Creator have endowed this bay with the best fresh seafood.

The most outstanding specialty here is lobster. Arriving at Phu Dam lagoon, you will see stakes lined up straight floating on the water. This is the way of the locals to  catch lobsters. Lobster in Nha Phu Bay – Khanh Hoa is 100% natural lobster, so the nutritional value is very high and tastes good. Because of that, lobsters here are also very expensive.

Lobster – the most delicious dish

Other types of seafood such as fish, shrimp, crab, squid, oysters, snails, oysters … They are also very diverse. Visitors to Nha Phu bay Nha Trang can visit Vinh Luong port market in the morning to “watch” fresh and delicious fish here. The baskets of fresh oysters, squid are fresh, crabs are still fres and the shrimp are splintered …. From grilled, steamed, cooked porridge … are very diverse. Enjoying Nha Phu Bay seafood is something that you should not ignore.

Admire the tranquil scenery in Nha Phu Bay

The peaceful atmosphere, the gentle white sand and green blue islands are attractive to many visitors when setting foot on here. Moreover, you will be impressed by the images of seagulls fluttering around the sea to find fish and a partner. This is the most beautiful moments for you to watch and snap memorable photos.

A peaceful sight

 In Nha Phu Bay, you should also explore Hoa Lan Island, Monkey Island for a more complete trip.

Explore Hoa Lan Island and Monkey Island on Nha Phu Bay

Nha Phu Bay is a large area including famous tourist islands such as Hon Thi, Hon Lao, Hon Sam, Hon Da … Among them, Hon Lao  of Monkey Island and Hon Heo of Hoa Lan Island are the must place to visit. There are a lot of interesting things are waiting for you to explore.

Hoa Lan Island

Orchids Island – must place to visit

On Hoa Lan Island, there are enough rivers, streams and islands … Hoa Lan Island has hundreds of species of orchids and thousands of butterflies with brilliant colors. Visitors to Nha Phu Bay should visit this island to behold the beauty of the fairyland. On the colorful roads to Orchids garden, you can drop by the natural forest to ride an African Ostrich, watch the Deer or the Elephant, Bear, and special birds … perform.

The tourism services here are very diverse from cuisine, sightseeing to photography with bears, pythons, deer … Nghinh Xuan Lake, Thuy Tien Lake, Disney Park, semi-natural butterfly gardens will be the place of sightseeing and rest. Or if you want to play sports games such as canoe, jetski, hand gliding …, Hoa Lan Island can also meet you in the most complete way.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island – favorite place

Go to the Monkey Island kingdom to see the circus shows of Monkey, Dog, Goat. There are 1,500 monkeys living here. Especially, arriving on Monkey Festival season, you will also witness a special “Monkey mountain” that is even more beautiful than in the movie. There is also no lacking of scuba diving, snorkeling, watching  coral reefs and many colorful fishes in the ocean.

Nha Phu bay, the place of beautiful natural landscapes will be must destination you cannot ignore for this summer. Do not forget keep in notes to have a complete trip to Nha Trang city.

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Wish you and your family have a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Nha Trang.


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