Nha Trang is one of the most popular tourist cities in Vietnam. There are hundreds of different travel and location services to explore. Even if you come again, it is still impossible to discover for a limited time. What to see, what to play,eat , experience of travelling,… are the best things to do in Nha Trang

1. Soaking in hot mineral springs- unique things to do in Nha Trang

Hot springs i-resort, Things to do in nha trang
Thap Ba hot spring

In addition to recreational sports games on the sea, visiting famous places … hot spring bath is a favorite activity of tourists. Just experience the new form of resort. Hot springs also help you relax, treat both illness and disease. Skin care, treatment of osteoarthritis, skin diseases … hot springs will bring you many great treatments. Don’t forget drop by the mineral spring when you come to this paradise.

2. Watching the sea of Nha Trang

Watching the sea - THINGS TO DO IN NHA TRANG
Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang is known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It has long coastline, light wind, white sand, blue sea. The atmosphere here is always beautiful and the sand is gentle and safe. Just sitting and watching the sea, walking on the beach can also feel depressed and trivial in life. Whether dawn or sunset, this place also offers enchanting beauty. The beach is famous for being the most beautiful and peaceful in Vietnam. It has been exploiting all tourism potentials. Therefore, in addition to watching the sea you can do many other interesting things.

3. Diving to watch coral

Diving to watch coral - THINGS TO DO IN NHA TRANG

Snorkeling – favorite activity   

That is the intersection between 2 hot and cold seawater streams, coral in Nha Trang Bay is more beautiful than all the seas in Vietnam. Almost every island in Nha Trang and along the coast has diving services. This service is very professionally deployed. Coral diving services will be accompanied by instructions and photos to save these wonderful moments for you. You can skip the dip in mineral springs, but you must definitely watch the coral.

4. Enjoying seafood

Enjoying seafood - THINGS TO DO IN NHA TRANG
Seafood combo

Nature and creature favor Nha Trang beach. it not only variety of seafood, but quality and taste are also more typical than other regions. Where else in Nha Trang you can also see seafood restaurant. This is the cleanest, best and most nutritious sea food source you should not miss. Especially, you can buy dried seafood, to bring back as gifts. We will list 10 most famous restaurants in Nha Trang so you can explore the cuisine in the best way.

5. Walking around Nha Trang at night

Highlights of Nha Trang night market
Nha Trang night market

Tran Phu Street at night when the lights are lit everywhere very nice. Far away is Tram Huong tower, night market … These places are both interesting but also very safe and fully meet all the beauty of Nha Trang. Tram Huong Tower and the night market are two highlights of Nha Trang at night that you should not miss. In particular, you will easily enjoy all kinds of seafood at the night market from the hands of the local people with special flavors, … 6. Visit the most famous islands in Nha Trang Hoa Island Lan, Monkey Island, Mun Island, Hon Chong Island … and many other islands of Nha Trang. Nha Trang is known to be the most ideal place. Currently these islands only have 15 to 30 minutes to have a departure train, which is quite cheap. At each island, there is also full snorkelling, coral entertainment, seafood restaurant … HoaLan Island and Monkey Island are the two most famous islands today.

7. Visiting Oceanography Institute

Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute stores 20,000 specimens and 4,000 organisms

If you are a person who likes to explore, love nature and want to see firsthand the world in the sea, then it is no better than the Oceanography Institute. Nha Trang Oceanography Institute store many valuable samples in chronology and scientific research. Hundreds of models are displayed and thousands of diverse plant animals. It is the interference of two hot and cold sea currents and the investment of the Oceanographic Institute which has invested in research and visitors. This is a place that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, from adults to young children. In addition, Tri Nguyen Aquarium is a similar place that you can visit.

8. Playing best beach games

Playing sea sports Nha Trang

Paragliding – one of the most famous on beach  

Dozens of sea games are waiting for you to conquer. The service pulls flying parachutes in the sky at an altitude of 70 – 100 m with canoes and life buoys under the water surface. Feeling safe and worry-free can conquer the game feeling strongly in full. If you’re still passionate about speed, you can continue with the water motorcycle game. Or enjoy the new feeling of surfing. Flyboard is a standing water sport that offers the most adventurous and novelty in sea sports. It is also possible to be gentle with gentle games such as paddle boarding.

9. Selfie the famous spots that you set foot on

Every location in Nha Trang you arrive, don’t just save them in memory, but take photos so that those moments are forever recorded. You can take photos at Ninh Van Bay, Nha Phu bay, beaches or many other tourist destinations. Especially, Tram Huong Tower is the tourism symbol of this city. Just Selfie here does not say anything people also know you are in the paradise of tourism in Nha Trang.

10. Enjoying the paradise of Vinpearl Land

VIP Land is the most famous tourist paradise in Vietnam. All games from soft to thrilling, outdoor and indoor games to give a special impression. The most prominent are water music and night performances. Combined with modern technology. Water is not only transparent, but also varied with beautiful and wonderful shapes!

Vinpearl Land overview

At VIP Land, you can also explore the national park. Especially at night, when traveling on the mainland cable car, you will enjoy the peaceful feeling, small waves, starry sky and sparkling lights from the mainland, …

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