Nha Trang Night Market has become an ideal destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to this beautiful coastal city without visiting night market is regretful for you. 

Nha Trang at night

Watching, inhaling fresh air, enjoying food, buying souvenirs, listening to music … all areas are present at Nha Trang night market. Come along with Kha Tran car rental to drop by this night market to see all the steps before going to this “paradise” of entertainment.

Street to night market nha trang
Where is Nha Trang Night Market

Where is Nha Trang Night Market?

The night market is located at 46 Tran Phu Street, Nha Trang City. It opens from 14:00 – 23:30 daily. This place is intersected with “West Street” of Hung Vuong Road and Tran Phu Street. The road is quite easy to find, all domestic and foreign tourists do not take too much time to move to night streets

Highlights of Nha Trang night market

Highlights of Nha Trang night market
Highlights of Nha Trang night market

It has more than 100 stalls, including nearly 20 stalls that are culinary. This is a place full of cultural elements – art – cuisine to serve tourists. Fine crafts, delicious food, diverse souvenirs … If you want to know about local culture, cuisine and crafts from people’s hands, this is the place you should visit. Under the bright light, the market stretches less than 200 m but “it has everything” and “everything is cheap”.

Night market cuisine 

If you are the soul of eating and enjoying food, you should not ignore it. Culinary paradise is here! You can enjoy traditional, fresh seafood to fresh tea ice cream.

  • Traditional dishes such as: Fish ball, bun cha, can cake …
  • Fresh and delicious seafood such as fried squid, fried shrimp …
  • Refreshing tea creams such as: ice cream, tea types such as pomelo tea, pomegranate dew tea, ginseng tea, green bean tea, water or lotus seed tea …
Nha Trang Night market cuisine 
Food court at the night market

The price of these dishes is inexpensive and very delicious. Special seller is very friendly with guests. Let the empty stomach come here to fully enjoy all the diverse flavors of the cuisine.

Nha Trang Night Market souvenirs

To buy souvenirs as a gift for relatives and friends, nowhere is better than Nha Trang Night Market. From mass-market items with low prices, to hand-crafted crafts that are extremely rich. More than 80 stalls here sell full of clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs … You can freely choose for yourself the cheap, high quality items. Especially as masterpieces from shells and snail shells. Clam shells are the best spiritual gifts that you should consult and buy.

Souvenir shop at the Nha Trang night market
Souvenir shop at the night market

Here, the goddess painting also attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Beautiful works, vivid colors brings the happiness and luck for everybody. So, you should buy a one to hang on your wall.

Experience of travelling to Nha Trang night market

Even when buying goods here. The sellers are very cute and friendly to the guests. However, challenging prices are an inevitable thing. If you like an item, you should not display it too much and remember to pay before buying.

Enjoy rustic cuisine. At this place, you should eat the outdoor restaurant of the people to enjoy the local taste from the hands of the people. There are still some stalls of famous restaurants but it is best to join more delicious rustic dishes.

Other famous markets in Nha Trang

 Dam market in Nha Trang
“Dam” market in Nha Trang

In addition to Nha Trang Night Market, you can visit Dam Market, Xom Moi Market in the day. These markets are famous for seafood and some other souvenirs. The stalls in the market are arranged according to different types of products, so you will easily choose if you need to buy gifts for your relatives and friends: rim seafood, dry seafood in accordance with hygiene standards and nice packaging .

Nha Trang tourism has hundreds of different places to explore. Only a short time you can not enjoy all the wonders of this coastal city. We hope that this article will help you to have a new vision about Nha Trang Night market 

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Wish you and your family have a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Nha Trang.

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