Bao Dai Palace – Cau Da Villa is one of the famous places attracting domestic and foreign tourists when traveling to Nha Trang.

Bao Dai Palace is the space with plentiful, charming architecture. It is considered to be a beautiful flower blooming near Nha Trang bay. Let Kha Tran share all the unique features of this famous villa with you! Let’s take a look!

Bao Dai Palace Nha Trang

Where is Bao Dai Palace?

It is located on Canh Long Mountain, the mountain part is jutting out into the sea. With a population of 5 unique architectural villas. 6 km south of Nha Trang city center, along Tran Phu road to Cau Da, you will see your destination. 

Unique architecture of Bao Dai Palace Summer

The palace is an architectural complex consisting of 5 small villas: Xuong Rong, Hoa Su, Hoa Giay, Phuong Vy and Cay Bang. Today it is deployed and restored to make more than 50 resort rooms for domestic and foreign tourists. In the Hoa Su Villa and Xuong Rong Villa where there were two bedrooms of King Bao Dai and Nam Phuong Queen, has changed to a new name, Vong Nguyet and Nghinh Phong.

Cau Da Villa Nha Trang

Currently under the ground floor Nghinh Phong is also displaying a lot of artifacts of King Bao Dai – the last king of Vietnamese feudal dynasty. Canh Long Hill is 12 hectares wide, covering a complex of majestic Bao Dai – Nha Trang tourist area with a special French architectural style. Coming to Bao Dai Palace in Nha Trang, you must definitely discover the unique architecture of the villa of Nghinh Phong and Vong Nguyet Villa.

Nghinh Phong villa (former name is Xuong Rong Villa)

With the harmonious combination of old tree, green leaf road and four seasons of flowers, Nghinh Phong Villa is designed with rectangular box shape. It has 2 floors and main door design facing the east. The southbound road is a terraced road, go along this road, you will come to the beach “Queen”. This road also has a sea wall with a large rock, where Bao Dai king often rests with elegant fishing pleasures.

Vong Nguyet Villa (former name is Hoa Su Villa)

Vong Nguyet Villa is also designed with a rectangular box shape. This villa is located on the 2nd hill. The first floor is the workplace of King Bao Dai and the second floor is the residence of the king and queen. The face of the villa turns to the North, here you can see the whole of Nha Trang, especially from the terrace of this villa.

Bao Dai palace – The most ideal sightseeing spot

Coming here in the summer, the weather is nice and you can calmly watch the blue sea, stretch yourself to the golden road Tran Phu. Not only is the architectural complex unique but it is also a prime location to enjoy sightseeing. If possible, stop at this place to stay and admire the whole of Nha Trang.

Bao Dai villa Nha Trang

In Bao Dai palace tourist complex, there are many ancient areca palms that shading all year round, and famous landscapes:

  • Canh Long Mountain is regarded as a dragon’s water
  • Hon Sinh Trung is like White elephant in the lake.
  • Hon Trai Thuy
  • Hoa Son island

With beautiful and charming scenery, relaxing here will give you a good mood, dispel your worries. Nowadays, Bao Dai palace Nha Trang resort attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming to Nha Trang but ignoring this tourist destination is really a waste!

Cuisine at Bao Dai Palace in Nha Trang

At Bao Dai palace has 2 large restaurants with a capacity of 1200 people. Enjoying the cuisine, you can see the beautiful scenery of Nha Trang Bay. Here seafood is always fresh, some specialties such as: ostrich meat, crocodile, bird nests … At this resort you can easily go to Bao Dai tourist pier to go to other famous islands on the Nha Trang Bay.

In addition, at this Cau Da resort, you can also use many other services such as taking photos of the royal family at Nghinh Phong floor, the royal party to discover royal cuisine. Or you can organize campfires and outdoor parties for mass organizations. Especially the honeymoon package services for newlyweds.

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