Nha Trang beach is the attraction of inbound and outbound when coming to this coastal city. Nha Trang is favored by nature with romantic scenery and long stretch of sea. Romance, beautiful nature, many interesting games, safe beaches are the factors that make this bay more attractive.

Here, Kha Tran car rental would like to introduce the best Nha Trang beach as well as attractive games here.

3 most beautiful Nha Trang beaches should not be missed

Visitors to this place absolutely should not ignore the most beautiful Nha Trang beaches such as:

Tran Phu beach – The best beach in Nha Trang

Immerse yourself in cool and blue water at Tran Phu beach

The beach is curving around the whole city, stretching from Bao Dai stone bridge to the Cai river. The advantage of this beach is that they are close to the city center and adjacent to other famous places such as Tran Phu park, Tram Huong tower, bar open to the morning, hotel with sea view … Overnight at night shimmering on the surface of the sea, the starlight in the sky, silver inlays reflected on the sea and the streets shimmering in color. It can be said that every moment of the day here contains its own beauty.

Dai Beach – The imaginative Nha Trang beach

Relax your mind in stunning scenery of Dai beach

Being famous for its clear blue water, sandy beach, though going far away from the water, it still points to the knee. Along with that is wild nature, not much tourism has created natural beauty and very poetic. Dai Beach is located in Cam Hai Dong commune, Cam Lam district. Tourists traveling along Nguyen Tat Thanh Street through Cu Hin Pass will find this beach right away.

Tranh Beach – The most poetic Nha Trang beach

Tranh beach – The best beach Nha Trang

With a coastline of about 500m, one side is pure white sand, one is gravel. Tranh Beach – Nha Trang is famous for its clear water and green coconut palms and cool wind spreading from nature. With lots of interesting entertainment and aquariums with countless fish species. This is one of the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang should not be missed!
Hon Chong Beach, Bai Tru Beach, Nhu Tien Beach, Jungle Beach, Doc Let Beach … is also one of the places visitors should learn to discover more.

Special attraction of Nha Trang beach

A peaceful feature at Nha Trang beach

Nha Trang Bay includes many long and wide beaches, total area of about 500km2. This place is windy, no big waves, white sand stretches in the shape of a crescent moon, lasting from 6 to 7 kilometers. Under the influence of tropical sunshine, the white sandy sea here is beautiful at every moment of the day. Dawn, sunset and even the sunshine at noon also create beaches in Nha Trang with sensual beauty to the soul. Tourists will be pleased with the immense, colorful nature, but also equally romantic and poetic.

At Nha Trang beach, visitors will be exposed to a lot of games, from exploring mysterious coral reefs to adventure games and including moments of contemplating the sea from the stretch of sandy beach. All your emotions are intensely stimulated by the games here. Some outstanding games when exploring Nha Trang beach such as:

Canoe drag parachute game at an altitude of 70 – 100m

Experience a new feeling with canoe drag parachute game – Special Attraction Of Nha Trang Beach

With game, you can fly in the sky like kites. And when lowering though, visitors who fell into the water had a life buoy to float on the water, just in the blink of an eye the boatmen also quickly surfed to take tourists on board.

Water motor 

Water motor- the joyful game

Manually control the throttle to adjust the speed of surfing on the water. A new feeling when surfing quickly on the water that you should not ignore. You will be guided on how to control the scooter, or we can hire a guide to accompany us.

Windsurfing – The most interesting game at Nha Trang beach

This is a risky and technically demanding game. If you are passionate about this game and have practiced it before. Surfing at the top of the wave, keeping up with the movement of this natural artifact you will feel like you have conquered all the “world”. A great feeling hard to describe!

Windsurfing – an attractive and adventurous game

Flyboard Nha Trang beach

This game brings a sense of adventure, fear at the beginning and this feeling disappears when being lifted up. Instead it is a different feeling, unprecedented and exciting. Should try once when participating in Nha Trang beach games.

What a wonderful feeling when joining Flyboard game

Scuba diving at Nha Trang beach

Discover creature marine through scuba diving

Diving to fully explore the types of coral reefs and more than 350 types of marine fish that live in the water. This is a game that gives a strong feeling but is also quite safe. You will have a guide to help with basic diving skills. Discovering the deep-sea mystery and taking photos. Thousands of years with this one you should try once when coming to Nha Trang coastal city.

Rowing a basket boat

Try wonderful feeling with game “Rowing a basket boat”

This game seems to be a delight for those who are knowledgeable about water, boats and want to control a basket boat in a straight line to show their skills.

We hope that all of above will be helpful for you to discover Nha Trang beach. For more specific advice or rent cheap car to visit famous sites in Nha Trang, do not forget to contact Nha Trang Car rental via hotline Ms Katharine: (+84) 916510201 or (+84) 34 797 6789.

Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Nha Trang.

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