Nha Trang is famous for not only stunning bays but also ancient and sacred pagodas. If you have ever been or have never been there, or intend to travel here, do not forget to plan to visit the beautiful and sacred Nha Trang pagoda that Kha Tran Car Rental introduce to you below

1. White Buddha pagoda – The most sacerd pagoda in Nha Trang

White Buddha pagoda or Long Son pagoda is located on Trai Thuy mountain. It is about 1 km north of Nha Trang railway station. Being called with name “White Buddha pagoda” because the pagoda has a Buddha statue, which is painted white, placed right on top of the mountain. Buddha statue is 24 m high and has a diameter of 10 m wide. The famous White Buddha Temple is sacred, “Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear. Especially on the full moon days 14, 15 and 30, 1st (lunar calendar) many people visit here.

To get to the peak to visit the Buddha’s body, visitors must step up to 193 levels. When you reach the 44th level, you can stop and admire the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, take a rest and then go on a few steps, the bell tower with the great bell is 2.2m high, weighs 1,500 kg. The resting and watching scene of Buddhism makes you be less tired and continue walking all the steps on next, getting to the 193th level to pray to the Buddha.

From here, the mind is both peaceful and light and you can comfortably admire Nha Trang city from above. The statue of the Buddha is also specially created with the figure of 7 martyrs around the statue and the dragon on the stairs to the Buddha statue. This is a spiritual tourist destination in Nha Trang that you can’t miss when visiting this beautiful coastal city.

The most sacred Buddha statue in White Buddha Pagoda

2. Da Lo Pagoda – A famous spiritual place

Da Lo Pagoda is also known as “Tòng Lâm Lô Sơn Tịnh Nghiệp Tự”. In recent years, “Tòng Lâm Lô Sơn Tịnh” Pagoda has been visited by many Buddhists and visitors. The most prominent feature of this temple is the highest statue in Vietnam has been recorded.

The pagoda lies on Da Lo Mountain, so many people call it “Da Lo Pagoda”. Follow the road from the White Buddha temple through Vinh Phuong about 12 km to Da Lo temple. Rustic, pure and sacred with the highest Buddha statue in Vietnam is the highlight that many people desire to worship and pray for.

The peaceful beauty of Da Lo pagoda

3. Hai Duc Pagoda – A place of beautiful scenes and mysterious stories

Different from the massive of the big Buddha statues, Hai Duc Pagoda is well – known for a pure temple, has existed for a long time and has an old architecture. Hai Duc Pagoda is located on a long slope of Hai Duc Street, Phuong Son Ward. Going up the slope was smooth path to Hai Duc Pagoda.

Hai Duc Pagoda becomes more sacred with the folk tale of Thich Phuoc Hue and an American engineer. They are considered to be a father and son of a previous life. This American decided to go to Vietnam to meet Master Thich Phuoc Hue, who had the same facial expressions although their nation, language and culture were different.

A place of mysterious story

4. Tu Ton Pagoda – Located on a red rocky beach

Tu Ton Pagoda is located on the red rock beach of Hon Do island, about 300m from Nha Trang beach. The pagoda is the merit of Venerable Thich Vien Man for more than 40 years to reclaim, build and transport fresh water to the island to create a beautiful landscape like today. On the red rocky beach, the temple is formally and sacred with beautiful flowers around the temple.

When the tide is high you have to row a boat to cross Tu Ton Pagoda. However, when the tide is low, visitors just need to wade through the shallow water to reach the temple easily. Surrounded by water is a strange purity of the soul. Da Do Pagoda (Tu Ton Pagoda) will help you reduce stress in your life and find peace in a wonderful way.

Tu Ton pagoda – The most unique on Hon Do Island

With some useful information about the most beautiful and sacred pagodas in Nha Trang that we provide above, hopefully it will help you easily plan your trip to Nha Trang pagoda.

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Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Nha Trang.

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