Nha Trang islands are the ideal destinations for inbound and outbound. And here, 8 best beautiful islands with their own beauty that Kha Tran would like to introduce below: 

1. Yen Island – island near Nha Trang

Top of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang, Yen Island is the most popular with tourists. Because, this is the place where the birds are raised, which is home to thousands of bird nest. It is this place that has the largest source of nest in Vietnam. Therefore, when you drink nest’s water, it is clear that “Salanganes Nest Khanh Hoa”.

Yen Island - Nha Trang island
The poetic beauty of Yen Island

Additionally, Yen Island is also known as “Hon Noi”. The most special feature of the island is the only double beach in Vietnam. Double beach with one side is hot water, on the other side cold water is formed by the currents created.

Visitors can choose the bathing area, depending on the location! Standing at Yen Island, facing the 4 directions of 8 directions, all see a green color. The white sand beaches are long and smooth with warm golden sunshine.

To reach Yen Island, you must go to Cau Da port, Nha Trang and buy train tickets. Or what you can take with a group, or a tour. Because the island is under the management of Khanh Hoa Salanganes’Nest company, it is impossible to go self-sufficient or get out.

Each person can visit only during the day, the fare is about 350,000 VND / person. Includes breakfast, bird’s nest water, pastries, lunch and afternoon dessert fruit.

2. Diep Son Island – Best Nha Trang island

Diep Son Island - Best Nha Trang island
Diep Son – A peaceful scenery

In total, Diep Son Island has 3 small islands. The island lies peacefully in the sea in Van Phong bay. For those who want to visit here will often start from Van Gia town, then take a boat. After about 1 hour for walking along the sea, the island will slowly appear on the horizon. The scene at that time was like an oasis on a jade green ocean.

Moreover, it is the adventure on the sea road up to 700 m long. This seaway connects from the middle island to the big spot. With a width of about 1 m, this road is hidden under the sea level of half a meter. Striding on this road is an extremely interesting and exciting experience. Because, you feel like you’re walking on the ocean, so there’s a bit of fear. You can also watch the fish swimming in the water.

3. Hon Ong Island – peaceful island in Nha Trang

Hon Ong Island
Immerse yourself in cool and blue water of Hon Ong Island

Also in Van Phong Bay, another island is equally great, it is Hon Ong Island. People here call it more familiar name than Whale Island. On the island there is also one such resort named Whale Island Resort. All services on this island are from the Resort. At the island, the issue of biological conservation is always on top. Indeed, this island is completely uninhabited.

This place is truly a paradise dedicated to introverted people. Or those who love the nature of the sea, love the deserted, unspoiled places. Or those who want to escape from bustling and busy city life to find peace… Or couples who love each other, newlyweds … come here to rest. Because of the presence of the most romantic, gentle things coming from nature, stay for a few days, to feel all the values from nature not to miss!

4. Binh Ba Island – Islands near Nha Trang

Binh Ba Island - Island near Nha Trang
Binh Ba Island – The stunning picture of Nha Trang

You can drop by Binh Ba Island any season of the year. Because the cost of traveling and eating is very cheap. No seasonal price fluctuations. The island is about 15km from Cam Ranh port. So, you have to prepare is a good health to soak in the sea. And a good belly to fill it with fresh seafood. Besides that, it is famous for its beautiful beaches like Bai Nom, Bai Chieu or Nha Cu Beach. Here you both bath and enjoy watching coral.

The specialty of Binh Ba Island is lobster. The lobster here are sold at the original price, but not as expensive as when you bought it at the market. In addition, lobster are processed in the style of fishermen, so the taste always keeps the taste fresh. And notice one thing, this is also a military island. So only allow Vietnamese people to visit. You cannot lead foreigners to the island, so please note this.

5. Binh Hung Island

Binh Hung Island
Explore peaceful beauty of Binh Hung Island

Although the beaches on Binh Hung Island are not like other islands. But the sea and sand here are extremely clean and white. The sea here is not deep, you wade out for a few dozen meters, the water is only at breast height. Look down, you will see the coral right at your feet. On the sea rock beach, there are many rock formations of all shapes, many styles and colors. The rock beach always stimulates the imagination of visitors, making them want to take pictures with them immediately.

People on the island live on fishing. And lobster farming is the strength here. The houses on the island are always close to each other, facing the sea. The way to build such a house is to avoid high winds or storms. One thing that visitors come here extremely excited, is that the roads in the villages are very clean. There was no shadow of a trash.

To reach Binh Hung Island, you will be able to drop by beautiful beaches like Chuoi Beach, Binh Tien Beach, Nuoc Ngot Beach … then go to Kinh Beach, which is also the pier to Binh Hung Island. The cost of going through the island is about 10,000 VND / person. If you want to rent a motorbike to run on the island, you only have to pay 10,000 VND more. Prices are extremely cheap right. So, prepare your schedule now.

6. Hon Tre Island

Hon Tre Island
Hon Tre Island – The most enchanting beauty

This is a paradise for people passionate about entertainment and adventure. Temporarily put off the hard, stressful life out there, just come here to relax and rest. With an amusement park and water park attracting millions of visitors each year. On the island there is also Vinpearl Resort where you can find out services such as Spa, sauna, massage …

What’s more, Hon Tre Island also has Con Se Tre tourist area, specializing in the supply of ornaments and items made from bamboo. Here, you will be reminded of an ancient, rustic and simple Viet Nam. Visitors coming here will be moved by the longest sea cable car in the world. Book tickets and go to Hon Tre Island with Vinpearl Land!

See more >> Con Se Tre Tourist Village

7. Nha Trang Hon Mun Island

Hon Mun Island
Drop your soul in tranquil atmosphere at Hon Mun Island

Dubbed the island with the most poetic scenery at Nha Trang island system. Hon Mun Island is called that way, because on the island there are black granite cliffs, built in many different styles. These cliffs are very popular with tourists. They can capture many beautiful and wonderful pictures, by the numerous cliffs. So only one stone was taken, but there were many unique shapes.

And yet, to Hon Mun Island, you can also dive deeply in the sea to admire more than 1500 different corals. The marine ecosystem here is also extremely diverse, many rare and showy species.

8. Hon Mieu Island

Hon Mieu Island
Let’s admire the enchanting beauty at Hon Mieu Island

Located closely to the most mainland in the islands in Nha Trang. About 1 km from the mainland, Hon Mieu Island has a modest area, about 1km2. But the island is the place where most people live. Here, you will learn more about the daily life of fishermen. Or how they caught seafood and finished products. Guests can also experience in sitting and rowing boats. Then taste special delicious specialties.

We hope that this article will help you to have a new vision about the beautiful islands in Nha Trang and experiences here.

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Wish you and your family have a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Nha Trang.

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