Nha Trang market – Dam Market, Xom Moi Market are two interesting places to visit tourists of the coastal city Nha Trang. In Dam Market and Xom Moi Market,  visitors not only admire the unique architectural style The affection and simplicity of Nha Trang people that tourists can also buy various kinds of special products with cheap prices, food safety. Come to Nha Trang without visiting these two locations then you can’t bring any valuable gifts for your relatives and friends.

Join us to learn Dam Market and Xom Moi market right at the article content below.

Dam Market in Nha Trang – The most attractive Nha Trang shopping destination for tourists

dam market nha trang

Dam Market in Nha Trang is also known by other names as Seafood Market Nha Trang. It is not only famous for cheap fresh seafood but Dam Market architecture is also one of the things that attracts tourists to visit this market.

Dam Market is located on a lagoon of 7 hectares, it is located at Ben Cho, Van Thanh, Nha Trang city. The market was changed over time, it gradually developed and now has formed a special architectural style. Until now, the market is shaped as a lotus flower with a diameter of 66.5m and can accommodate up to 3000 people. With your smartphone, you only need to search Nha Trang Map Dam Market, it will guide you here quickly the position you are stopping.

nha trang market

What to eat in Dam market Nha Trang, buying the best seafood is always interested by many tourists. Snacking on Dam market is quite diverse with many different dishes such as skewers, fish noodle, NinhHoanem,… these are the best snacks. Sellers quickly, peacefully, cheap and delicious food always makes visitors want to stay here longer. Specialties of Dam market are bought as gifts for relatives and friends, the most chosen ones are: Khanh Hoa Salanganes’Nest; Mango Cake; Ninh Hoa Nem; Squid and dry crab, Nha Trang fish rolls; lemon chilli salt. The price is from 20,000 VND  to  100,000VND that you can own a delicious specialty at this market.

Xom Moi Market in Nha Trang  – Even a top Asian chef has to like it

xom moi market nha trang

Xom Moi Market is located at 49 Ngo Gia Tu street, Nha Trang, Xom Moi Market is known as a market serving local people and tourists. The shopkeeper here is honest, naive, unspoken and the consultant is very enthusiastic. If you have a chance to visit here, you will feel what we have commented. To further prove the freshness and reasonable price, quality specialty It is high that Asian chefs come to buy ingredients for themselves.

To meet the needs of local people and tourists, Xom Moi Market Nha Trang today is more and more spacious and developed with more than 1,200 points of business for various items. Especially, seafood from fresh and caught to seafood processed and packaged food safety and hygiene.

xom moi market nha trang
Fresh seafood in Xom Moi market

What to buy at Xom Moi market? It can be fresh seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, dried seafood … Almost all specialties in Dam market are in Xom Moi market. It is the healthy competition between these two famous markets in Nha Trang which is also an advantage for you to compare the price and buy the most affordable and delicious specialties.

After a series of time playing with sports at sea, diving, watching the sea and visiting other famous places. Visitors who want to buy gifts for relatives and friends will visit Dam and XomMoi markets. Or instead of enjoying the dishes in the luxurious restaurants, want to find out with the people, taste the hands of the local people here, the Dam market and Xom Moi market are also places which you should not ignore.

Nha Trang market

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