1 day in Nha Trang. What will you do, where will you go, which places is the best for you to visit,…All will be mentioned in our article below. Let’s take a look!

1. Oceanographic Institute – Attaching visitors to thousands of marine creatures

The Institute Of Oceanography is the largest and most diverse marine organism science research institute in Southeast Asia. There are thousands of different small and large marine creatures that create a lively and voyeuristic population attracting people whenever coming here. Visiting here, visitors will admire more than 10,000 species of sea creatures, especially the giant whale skeleton nearly 18m long, 3m high with a date of more than 200 years old. The sea world is clearly visible right after the toughened glass panels preventing viewers from the outside world and rare fish species with diverse colors and shapes.

Visiting Nha Trang National Oceanographic Institute

2. Dam Market – A shopping destination attractive to thousands of people

You want to buy gifts for relatives and friends when traveling to Nha Trang. Why don’t you set foot at Dam Market? It is a tourist destination with rich marine specialties – delicious – cheap and safe. This place is rustic, close to both people here and tourists first setting foot on. The special thing of Dam Market is different from other tourist markets that there is no enticement of customers, challenge prices, all products are sold in each zone. Products at this market are very fresh, and eye-catching in display. 7 specialties here that you should not be ignored: Salanganes Nest Khanh Hoa; Mango Cake; Ninh Hoa Nem; Squid and dry crab; Nha Trang fish ball, and salt.

Dam Market in Nha Trang

3. Long Son Pagoda – Discovering the sacred ancient features of Khanh Hoa Buddhism

Long Son Pagoda (White Buddha Temple) or also known as Dang Long pagoda. It is located at No.22-23/10 Street, Phuong Son Ward. The top of the hill Trai Thuy is the place that many tourists want to set foot on, you have to go to 193 steps to reach this place, stop at the 44th level, you can also visit the reclining Buddha. If traveling to Nha Trang on the 14th, 15th and 30th, the 1st of every month(lunar year) this place is not only a place for you to admire but also to find a peaceful place in your soul and pray for yourself and a very experienced spirit. Don’t miss this spiritual tourist destination.

Long Son Pagoda – The most sacred and peaceful pagoda of Nha Trang coastal city

4. Po Nagar Tower – Ancient legend of old civilization

Being located at top of a small hill about 10-12 meters above the sea level at Cai River, Po Nagar Tower is the place to worship Ana Holy Mother. Tilting on the banks of the Cai River with the legend of the goddess created by the sky and the foam. Ana Holy Mother is the creator of the Earth and produces precious woods, trees and rice … Legend has it that she had 38 daughters and all turned goddesses. With beautiful ancient architecture, temple sitting is said to be one of the most sacred places. Many people come here to admire the ancient architecture, feel the old legend, whereas some people come because of the ancient features of the temple lying on poetic river. If you come to Nha Trang and skip this place, you will regret it.

Ponagar Tower – The unique culture of Cham people

5. Thap Ba Hot Spring – Attractive mud bath service

Thap Ba hot spring has both vip bathroom and community bathroom. Dropping by there after visiting many places in Nha Trang will help you relax in the best way. Not to mention, the chaos of life, work will be put aside, you will be reduced stress, cure diseases of joints, gout, skin diseases .. when coming to Thap Ba Spa. Depending on your choice of individual or collective mud bath, soak mud in a private room, soak in mineral mud Herbal … it will have different services at different prices.

After visiting the Oceanography Institute, Long Son Pagoda and Po Nagar Tower returning to Dam Market to buy Nha Trang specialties as a gift for relatives and friends, visitors can bring them to the hotel then move to Thap Ba Hot Spring to soak in mineral mud.

We hope that all of above will helpful for you know how to do if having 1 day in Nha Trang

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Wish you and your family a happy journey and many memorable experiences in Nha Trang.

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